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We provide consultations in a number of areas of expertise related to family, child development and education . Learn more about areas that we cover.

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Towards a better family, child and community growth and wellbeing.

We are a diverse team of experts, guided by Dr. Taghreed Turki Al Said (PhD), offering a range of customised consultations, in-depth programs and interactive workshops as part of our commitment in investing in children, families, educators, caregivers and communities.

Who is Dr. Taghreed T. Al Said

Dr. Taghreed Al Said is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Sultan Qaboos University and the Founder of Learn & Inspire Centre.

She is a strong believer in investing in early childhood years hence, reflects her interest in child psychology. Through her idea of the edutainment center and the nursery, she fulfilled her dream of offering children with necessary life skills.

Dr. Taghreed got another step closer to her dream of building an academy by reforming her center to a family and educational consultation centre; focusing on the base of the development process in children from birth to adolescence, by working with parents, caregivers, teachers, guardians and children. 


Our Values

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Our Team

Dr. Taghreed Turki Al Said (PhD)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Educational Psychologist and Certified Hypnotherapist

Ms. Khulood Al Tamari (MSc)

Counsellor and Early Childhood Development & Education Specialist