Our Journey

My Book & Me was founded in 2011 as a library-coffee shop space with 500 titles of books for children, families and educators alike to encourage bonding and quality time as well as appreciation for knowledge and life skills Through group talks and social and cultural discussions. The books exceeded 4000 titles in different areas of education, psychology, parenting, special needs, research, nutrition, health, references, non-fiction, fiction books and books for children, teenagers and young adults in both English and Arabic.

My Book & Me then became the first ‘edutainment’ center in Oman in 2013, combining education with entertainment that is vital to a child’s learning lifecycle. As the book titles expanded, so did our edutainment programs. We offered a wide range of courses, workshops, programs and seminars covering different angles and aspects of children’s developmental and educational needs from birth to university. Teachers, counselors and educators also had the opportunity to enrich their students experience at school. We collaborated with them to provide tailor-made activities, courses and in-house field trips according to their requirements.

Following the success of our ‘Busy Morning’ program for children aged 2-4 years and our bridging program ‘Tiny Toes Clubhouse’ for ages 2-5 years; and the ongoing support and encouragement of parents and guardians, we transitioned into a nursery in 2018 and continued to grow and improve our facilities and programs to meet the needs of children and their families. Parents, guardians and caregivers benefited from the programs at My Book & Me Nursery through our consultations and workshops, whereby we focused on the whole family’s wellbeing. We offered consultations for parents and guardians to assist them with key parental and life skills practices in addition to guiding them on how to best address their children’s needs accordingly. These methods helped us monitor and follow-up on children’s development and the overall family’s well being during the course of the program and activities selected; as well as identify some cases of learning difficulties and special needs requirements and referring them to specialists accordingly.

Our latest venture ‘Learn & Inspire by Dr. Taghreed Turki Al Said’, stems from years of successful implementation of our activities, programs and expertise in the areas of family and child development; continuing our commitment to individual enrichment and community prosperity.