Our Team

We are a team of dedicated and passionate professionals in the fields of education, psychology, counseling, child development and specialty services to further enhance individuals’ capabilities in educational and social settings; as well as basic life-skills and emotional

Dr. Taghreed Al Said, a mother of four with a passion for reading, educating, helping others and motivational public speaking, has integrated all of these hobbies into her center Learn & Inspire. She loves to utilise her free time in reading, spending time with family, and serving the community through volunteering. 

Dr. Taghreed Al Said is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Sultan Qaboos University and the Founder of Learn & Inspire Centre; which was previously known as My Book & Me Nursery and Edutainment Center. Also, stemming from her love for the theater, she became the Patron of Al Din Theatre for Culture & Art in 2012. In addition, to be involved more in helping the community, she accepted the honorary Patronage of ‘SANUBADER Team’ for the Support of Cancer Patients. As part of her accomplishments, she was honoured among many other Omani women achievers, by receiving Al Mara Excellence Award 2020 for playing a significant role in the Education sector. Furthermore, she is certified in the five levels of integrated clinical hypnosis.

She is a strong believer in investing in early childhood years hence, reflects her interest in child psychology. Through her idea of the edutainment center, she fulfilled her dream of offering children with necessary life skills. Subsequently, she turned it into a nursery focusing more on the upbringing of children ages 18 months to 3 years old. Currently, Dr. Taghreed got another step closer to her dream of building an academy by reforming her center to a family and educational consultation centre; focusing on the base of the development process in children from birth to adolescence. The consultants work with parents, caregivers, teachers, guardians and children’s

My Name is Khulood Al Tamari and I am proud to be one of Learn & Inspire’s team members since February 2014. My journey started as an Edutainment Centre Manager and Program Coordinator at My Book & Me Centre. As we transitioned into My Book & Me Nursery, I had the privilege of enrolling into Montessori Oman to receive my International Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development and became a Nursery Teacher and Head of Arabic Programs; in addition to developing and designing our popular seasonal multi-activity programs.

I currently offer psychological counselling and guidance consultations and workshops for parents and educators as well as caregivers at Learn & Inspire; focusing on behaviour modification, positive parenting and positive learning to further support the holistic development of children, families and communities.

I always knew I wanted to work closely with children since I was a young child myself. I really enjoy helping others grow, gain knowledge and a better understanding of being surrounded by a positive environment through self awareness, and fulfilling their potentials. I find joy in working with children as they are truly a wealth of knowledge and learning in themselves simply by observing and studying their overall development through daily experiences and interactions. I take pride in establishing strategies to further enhance my expertise in behavioural development and modification in children.

After receiving a Master’s Degree in Psychological Counseling from Al Yarmouk University in Jordan, I continued my passion for support and teaching by receiving my International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy in Arabic in Oman in 2018. In addition, I took several online courses since 2019 mainly targeting my main area of interest; which is children development.

During my free time, I love traveling, playing with my cats, reading and cooking. I also like to go into new experiences and challenge myself by learning new skills and hobbies. I believe that if I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.