Our Services


We provide private consultations in a number of areas of expertise related to family and child development. We cater to the needs and requirements of children, families, caregivers, educators and community members for the holistic development of the child through capacity building and improving skillsets within a home and school environment.


Our workshops are specially designed to educate and raise awareness on a number of critical parenting, educational and personal development areas through interactive discussions, hands-on activities and programs; which help enhance the necessary knowledge and skills of children, youths, families, educators and caregivers.

Tailored Services

We specialise in tailored services, customised for individual and group consultations, workshops and programs; for specific needs within a family unit, educational team and multi-sector organisations to focus on issues and address challenges related to their requirements for the betterment of community growth and prosperity.

Seasonal Programs

Renowned for our seasonal multi-activity programs, we continue to serve children and youths through a number of fun-filled workshops and activities centred around life skills, personality development, emotional and behavioural intelligence development, problem-solving and thinking and creativity skills.